Our mission

At Switchee, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a decent home and that the environments we inhabit have a massive influence on our ability to enjoy life and prosper. One in five households in the UK live in social housing, a sector with the right values at its core but that has historically struggled to deploy innovations in the home. Many residents still can’t afford to heat their homes and live in cold, mouldy properties they can’t be proud of.

We believe that radical innovation in internet-connected technology can ensure that every resident, every day, is living in a home that allows them to succeed. That’s why our products are built not just on great technology, but on an understanding of what people want from the space they live in.

This approach led us to reimagine the most mundane household object, a thermostat, into a product that automatically reduces energy bills, looks great and offers control to those who want it. We are also revolutionising the way social landlords manage their housing stock with an obsessively tailored SAAS property dashboard and handy alerts on things like when the boiler is going to break.

Our next project is to build the ultimate connected hub for the social home. It’s going to revolutionise the way residents interact with their homes and landlords manage their properties.

Our Journey

We are a young company, but we have already seen the great impact we can achieve! Our first product, the connected Switchee thermostat is already in 45 of the UK’s biggest housing providers.

We’re growing 100% year on year and are backed by some of the best-known investors in technology and social impact. We are a small team of 20 passionate and ambitious people driven by a collective desire to make a positive impact in the housing sector, both for residents and landlords.

Our People

Culture is very important to us. We look for people who share our values and can add to our culture. Values are shared beliefs that guide our decision-making, and culture is how we function as a group and how we live our values as individuals.

We deeply care about Switchee’s mission and have a desire to build something revolutionary, that will disrupt an industry, and positively impact ordinary people’s lives.
We care about the environment, interested in energy efficiency and have thought about the challenges and opportunities posed by an evolving domestic energy market.
We love technology and finding neat solutions to complex problems.
We thrive on challenge and change; we naturally gravitate to the hardest questions first and love thinking differently to solve them.
We celebrate your colleagues’ successes and thrive on our failures.
We've built a culture of learning and development and support our people with their personal and professional growth.

We value inclusion and diversity and welcome people from all walks of life!

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  • Regular Company Events

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